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Otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month.

Yeah, me too.


Some people look like their pets, or their pets look like them, something about the shape of the chin, the set of the eyes, and Kit is no exception, almost. Where her furred friends are black and black/silver she Kit is red head. All three have amber eyes.

Kit's build is slight and athletic, her nails short and in need of good scrubbing. Astraia's fur is black, tipped with white, giving it a dark silvery color, except for the white around her shoulders, down the bridge of her nose, and tip of her tail. Nyx is darker, with a white tipped tail and a touch of white on one paw.

Strip away the mask and the resemblance increases. Black ears, a white tipped red tail, and slit pupil, amber vulpine eyes mark this beast as a red fox. And if you look closely at her 'dogs', you'll see the cat-like eyes, set foxes apart from their canine cousins. Pinned to her bush hat are three crocuses, and the scent of spring rain clings to her.

Rest stop

Kit lets her backpack slide off her back then sits down on the park bench. She fishes out 2 apples and a bag of beef jerky from a pocket of the bag. She gives each of her furry friends a piece of jerky and gets out a pocket knife. While Nyx and Astraia make short work of the jerky she peels the apples, which she shares with her friends. While chewing on her piece of jerky she takes off her hat and wipes the sweat from her brow with a bandanna. Her red curls are pulled back into a pony tail.

She rubs the scruff of Astraia's neck. "So what do you think? Stay here tonight? Maybe we can find some other lost souls of the road?" Feeling left out Nyx jumps up onto the bench and head butts Kit. Kit just smiles and give the darker of the pair a hug. ** Find a place for us. Find the local Lost. Find her. I can't believe there is someone living my life, well I like the sound of that better than the idea that my parents didn't miss me. They just didn't know I was gone. **



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