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The quick red fox...

ran from the Others

Miles Cross
*** This is a work of FICTION! ***

Kit is 18ish year old dog walker who just moved to Miles Cross.

The mask Kit wears is of a calm athletic 18 year old woman with thick auburn hair falling in loose curls, typically pulled back into a pony tail. Her large light brown eyes are almost amber and set in face with sharp angular features. Her clothes are road worn but not yet tattered. A pair of exotic looking dogs with black fur shaded with silver and white tip tails keep pace with their human. There amber eyes are slit more like a cat's than dogs, and their bodies and build resemble that of red foxes.

To other changeling Kit is a beast that resembles a red fox both in her coloring, pointed ears, and vulpine slit eyes. The slightest scent of a spring rain blends with the musk of her fox nature.